Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dandelions & Vitamin A

As seen in the last post, Dandelions have a very high yield of Vitamin A per acre.

Over 30,000 adult doese or 300,000 kid doses yield per Acre vs corn which has none. While yield calculations seek bushel & dollar amounts per acre, its vital we start calculating the nutritional yields per acre and the true values for human health.

This lack of green veggies in grain rich diets worldwide is the cause of incredible numbers of Night Blindness Victums, especially in children, along with other vitamin deficiencies bordering consistantly on scurvy (C), pellagra (Niacin) beri beri (B's) and so forth. Its a nighmare.

The overall weakened immunity is from not just vitamins but also minerals. Lets take a look at some of that. 100g of Corn Calcium is only 1% of Daily Need, while Dandelions have 19% of daily need. This calcs out ot approx. 6,900 grams of Calcium/Acre vs only 363 grams of Ca/Ac. This is 19 times more Calcium which ever way you "calc" it.

So its easy to see that Dandelions should not be considered just a minor supplement, but the major dietary food could turn the tide against the vast human suffering and environmental damage.

Ok, are you convinced yet of the necessity of Dandelions to save humanity and the planet?
Everyone who cares should take a look around and see what they can do about helping promote Dandelions, whether its just a small yard full or an old pasture/orchard, or nature projects or
educational or financial efforts, there is a role for everyone, including children to save children.


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