Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dandelions & Vitamin A

As seen in the last post, Dandelions have a very high yield of Vitamin A per acre.

Over 30,000 adult doese or 300,000 kid doses yield per Acre vs corn which has none. While yield calculations seek bushel & dollar amounts per acre, its vital we start calculating the nutritional yields per acre and the true values for human health.

This lack of green veggies in grain rich diets worldwide is the cause of incredible numbers of Night Blindness Victums, especially in children, along with other vitamin deficiencies bordering consistantly on scurvy (C), pellagra (Niacin) beri beri (B's) and so forth. Its a nighmare.

The overall weakened immunity is from not just vitamins but also minerals. Lets take a look at some of that. 100g of Corn Calcium is only 1% of Daily Need, while Dandelions have 19% of daily need. This calcs out ot approx. 6,900 grams of Calcium/Acre vs only 363 grams of Ca/Ac. This is 19 times more Calcium which ever way you "calc" it.

So its easy to see that Dandelions should not be considered just a minor supplement, but the major dietary food could turn the tide against the vast human suffering and environmental damage.

Ok, are you convinced yet of the necessity of Dandelions to save humanity and the planet?
Everyone who cares should take a look around and see what they can do about helping promote Dandelions, whether its just a small yard full or an old pasture/orchard, or nature projects or
educational or financial efforts, there is a role for everyone, including children to save children.


Dandelion Farming Yields

After digging pretty deep I have found some useful numbers for dandelion farming.

For growing Dandelions for Fresh or Dry Leaves, the plants are spaced about the same as corn, 29,000 per acre. Interesting coincidence. The yields are highly variable and depend on regular moisture, much the same as corn, but drip irrigation has great yields at up to 35 g dry/plant,
(75% drying loss) which calcs back to about 8000 lbs fresh/ac. Hybrid Corn yields ave 155 bu/ac = 8650 lbs/ac.

Even dry farming dandelions has 5g/plant which is over 1000 lbs of fresh greens per acre.

Variables also include herbivore losses, especially rabbits and most wildlife will move right in.
This may add alot to fencing costs vs corn that doesn't need fencing because wildlife doesn't like it. Dandelions have far lower pest problems than corn, although a little pesticide is used in California since dandelion crops are often close to other pest infested crops.

Fresh Dandelion prices are quite good, although the market is tiny compared to corn. Dry prices for Dandelions (dry has a much larger feed market) yield about twice the value per acre as corn, over $1000/ac. Then there are values that are quite good for Dry Dandelion Root, which is for beverage uses, which can be harvested in the second year. Plus good honey yield bonus.

Seed costs are an important aspect of corn production, and hybrid corn must be purchased each year and has been increasing. Dandelion Seed costs are quite high but they are pretty much a once in a lifetime purchase, and if they can be harvested by vacumming from a site where they are not wanted the cost can be very low.

But I think that the real values of Dandelion Farming come when these numbers are taken a step further, to calculating the nutritional yields per acre, which is something I have rarely seen taken into consideration, except by wise old livestock ranchers. It is a factor in calculating feed lot operations and so good numbers are available from a number of sources. See pervious blog for comparison of Fresh Dandelions, Corn and Soy nutrition. Comparisons of fresh greens with grains or beans is somewhat apples and oranges, but its worth using to calculate real yields.

100 grams of corn vs dandelion

cals 365 - 45
fat cals 40 - 6
fat cals/cal 11% - 13.3%
chol 0 - 0
carbs 74 - 7
fiber 7 - 4
sugar 1 - 4
protein 9 - 3
prot/cals 2.5% - 6.66%
vitamin A 4% - 98%
vitamin C 0% - 58%
Ca 1% - 19%
Fe 15% -17%
Na 35mg - 76mg

So we see that there are some amazing differences, especially vitamins. This table really doesn't do Dandelions justice, as it is also very rich in all the others like niacin which is missing from corn and which led to pellagra deficiencies. It also doesn't show all the rest of the mineral richness of Dandelions.

First lets take Vitamin A Information, which is somewhat complicated but worthy of study

After some calculations I came up with 36,320 Daily Adult Doses per Acre, which calcs to 363,200 kid doses (@~500 mcg/day) per acre !

So on to more yield and value analysis...
to be continued

Dandelion Nutritional Analysis

I found this great little web page that gives instant analysis for most foods, you know, that little chart found on food packages. So I typed in "Dandelions, 100 grams" and voila there it was !

Take a look, its very impressive, balanced, low sodium, etc. but then whoa !
Look at those Vitamins and Minerals ! I don't remember seeing numbers like that anywhere!

Ok, lets compare with soybeans, boiled no salt, 100 grams

First thing is the high fat (soy oil), high soy protein, but no vitamin A, low C, some minerals.
But this is misleading as Soy also has a number of nutritional risks.

So much for Soy saving the world, saving the sick and dying people, wildlife, livestock and ravaged planet. Similar but even poorer results for corn:

So even though corn crops look productive, one would have to eat an enormous amount to fulfill minimum requirements. This needs to be caculated to find out what real nutritional values are achieved by growing corn versus dandelions. So next we will have to dig up some yield info.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dandelion Pet Foods

Well, with all the panic over the poisoned pet foods from Chinese Binary Chemical Warfare Weapons, melamine and cyanuric acid, (One of the most brilliant deadly formulations ever)
and along with the deteriorating health of pets and other animals on store bought feed due to antinutritional factors from grains, legumes and other toxic ingredients...

New advanced formulas that look more like a Health Food Store Shopping Spee are blazing a wide and fast new trail across the old style Purina Cartel landscape.

If only poor humans could get such nutritional formulas that they could afford...
most people rarely get any of these ingredients, and are suffering the consequences.

What we are waiting for are more concentrated herbal formulas to supplement regular feeds and diets, so there are more options and cost savings. We know that wildlife thrives and favors Dandelions above all and so a feed with this as main ingredient, along with additional foods would be probably enough to domesticate bears !


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dandelion Seeds For Sale

After searching all spring for a bulk deal on Dandelion Seeds, a friend forwarded this info from Canada. (We knew that there must be some good Herbal/Dandelion Folks there somewhere,
although its been a challenge to get in touch with them.)
So here ya go, go for it!

At $960US/Kg its not a giveaway, but its actually a huge number of seeds, over a million!, enough to plant a large farm, and lets not forget just how prolific a large farm could be in just a few weeks, with each plant able to produce tens of thousands of seeds ! ;-) Pro Grower Info

It is quite possible to feed the world, especially the children, poor, ill and elderly if we only could get focused in this direction. I think that Canada could accomplish this in very short time frame, and everyone should write their Ag Ministers, Farmers and Humanitarian Groups to suggest some trial programs or other projects on a large scale.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Dandelions & Early Man

One of my firm beliefs is that Dandelions and Man, especially Children have a deep symbiotic relationship that goes back before the dawn of history.

It may quite well go back to the beginning, but let it suffice to claim it goes back to the End of the Last Ice Age. At that time the ice caps retreated quite rapidly, the real Global Warming, and after the first tundra and trees, the grass and flowers came out in abundance, especially Dandelions, as proven in northern lake/bog cores/pollens, These may have been helped along by Human Activities, tree clearing and early agriculture for ranching and farming that was more sophisticated and widespread than in previous Interglacials. Dandelions and Man go way back, Cromerian Interglacial of Middle Pliestocene in UK, ~480,000 BP !!! When Special Hand Axes For Smashing Dandelions in Lawns Were A Popular Gardening Tools ;-)

This led to the rapid return of wildlife to the higher latitudes and also to the higher altitudes like Switzerland. It was on the Italian Alps side of the range where the more evidence of this symbiosis was found. The "Ice Man", Otzi, thawed out and an amazing story started to unfold. Search Google and you can read quite a lot about him.

Among his affects was a small pouch kit for making fire, a special collection of little things. The key items were pieces of Flints and Pyrite (from Mt. Etna?), ideal for making sparks.
The other key items were highly flamable birch fungi. A small pinch of this fluff covered in a tiny 2 inch teepee of dry grass and straws would burst into flame with a spark or two. Dandelion Fluff could also have been used, as his last meal seems to have been deer meat, wheat, dandelions.


Dandelions & Honey Bees

Dadant Beekeeping Supplies

Supplies for the Land of Milk And Honey
Help Save The Honey Bees, Start Some Hives
And Grow Some Dandelions & Clovers.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Dandelion Flower Cookies

Dr. Peter Gail has been an avid supporter of Dandelions for a long time. His work has inspired others to this noble cause, and a lot of that is due to his wonderful collection of Dandelion Recipies. This one is sure to be a winner. Not just another cute culinary prize but a real weapon in the War For Dandelions and the Planet. The road to victory lies in large part through the stomach of a starving war ravaged wasteland world. Once people realize the enormous power of Dandelions to turn the tragedies around it would only take a couple more years for victory.

Victory? Over soil erosion, wildlife decimation, bird and bee vanishings, and especially over the hardening of hearts in a hate filled world. The rest of the good projects we all know of could then proceed much more rapidly, and so victory in this War on Dandelions is absolutely vital.

Dandelion Flower Cookies
Recipe courtesy of Peter A. Gail, Ph.D.
Note: Before making the cookies, read Dr. Peter Gail's instructions
for cooking with dandelion flowers.
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup honey
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup unbleached flour
1 cup dry oatmeal
1/2 cup dandelion flowers
Preheat oven to 375°F. Blend oil and honey and beat in the two eggs and vanilla. Stir in flour, oatmeal and dandelion flowers. Drop the batter by teaspoonfuls onto a lightly oiled cookie sheet and bake for 10-15 minutes.
Cooking with Dandelion Flowers by Peter A. Gail, Ph.D
Dandelion flowers aren't just pretty. They are also extremely nutritious food and have none of the bitterness of dandelion leaves if you cut off the green bracts at the base of the flower cluster.
To Prepare Dandelion Flowers for Use in Recipes:
Wash them thoroughly.
Measure the required quantity of intact flowers into a measuring cup.
Hold flowers by the tip with the fingers of one hand and pinch the green flower base very hard with the other, releasing the yellow florets from their attachment. Shake the yellow flowers into a bowl. Flowers are now ready to be incorporated into recipes.

See also and for list of edibles see About 750 edibles in easy to use lists.
Sorry, no corn or squash or tobacco families in these gardens, just all edible all the time plants.

For More Great Recipies See

Bon Apetite

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dandelion Herbivore Ceremony


As handed down from generation to generation to real Herbivores...

Many of you may already be semi vegetarian or even hard core vegan, ok.

You're ready and most people can become ready by just being open minded,

wishing to get closer to Nature and/or just plain fun loving !

Take a walk out to the front yard, or any pasture with a variety of plants,

(Try to find one that has some Dandelions, Clovers or other good plants)

Get down and take a close look...closer...closer, ok, get down on all fours and

really take a close look, identify everything in sight, focus in on that moist fresh delicious yellow Dandelion ummmm

put your head down to it and open your mouth and tear off a big bite of the lawn

with your teeth !

Chew slowly and well, relax, chill out, breathe, get recentered, but not too internalized.

Be sure to look both ways, just like crossing the street, but instead of cars, look out for

Predators !

Ignore your non-threatening neighbors, but be ready to run if they approach rapidly !

If no one bothers you, continue to chew well and then swallow.

You are now an official honorary member of the Herbivores! ;-)

Ok, next time you can use some vinegarette and crotons ;-)



Mixed Green Leaf Vegetable Base (90+%)
Coarse mixed grasses & hays
Dandelion, mustard, and collard greens
Clover leaves
Carrot toppings
Flower heads and other natural fodder plants
Vegetables and Fruits(<10%) -
Fruit should be given very sparingly because overconsumption
can lead to high levels of sugar in the gut (intestine) and result in colic.
Green Beans
Red and green sweet peppers
Sweet Potatoes
Winter Squash
Apple (no seeds)
Mango (no pits)
*These contain high amounts of oxalates and
should only be fed in limited quantities.

Dandelion Mind Control Victum

Well, to make a point sometimes you have to show inconsistancies and other errors in the opposition's position. Ok, lets take this classic typical example of what is out there online.


Ok, first thing I noticed is the old date. 1996, early web, and all those who have worked online over the many years have posted things we would like to reconsider or recant. Brian may be one and yet this article stands, so we assume he is still living in the last Millenium.

He reviews the history but without getting at the real truth of this plant's real history and symbiosis which has existed since at least the last iceage. So without accurate contexural history he misses the point, detaches from humanity's struggle for life, origins of agriculture and our deep relationship with Nature etc.

Then he goes off course again with incomplete medical history and omits well documented uses and long standing herbal uses in every culture that has Dandelions. He of course also omits Canada's modern herbal and nutrition interests, again cutting things off at both ends.

What poll? He just projects the winner, Dandelion's without a shred of evidence, and then declares that most want to get rid of them... (Factoid: Most people can hardly name any weeds beyond a few like Dandelions, Thistles or Ragweed anyway, let alone the Ten Worst.)

By any means available...and right into Herbicides, omitting all other means both old and new. A highly paid shill for the Chemical Cartel could not have done a better hatchet job on Dandelions.

I assume he is not a Chemical Cartel employee, and he appears to be a normal simple person who just has succumbed to the Cartel Mind Control. What I call an MCV, often students who have been well wound up in Turf Mangement Classes or Orgainc Petro Chemisty Class, or something related, and who may mean well but it's so sad, so disconnected with agriculture, herbs, medicine, nature and God. Ok, maybe not God in the Church sense, but in the overall appreciation for God's Creation, this amazing innocent harmless life giving flower.

MCV, Mind Control Victums, they are all over the spectrum, and we hope that this blog can save at least a few from the false neuropathways that have been so deeply ingrained and implanted, (chips are not necessary and already obsolete technology). People can awake from such paths, many have already on a wide variety of issues, many just turn off the TV and Media and take a walk in their neighborhood and woods, or just chill out from the noise for a short while, or take a real vacation from the corporate world, or simply pullback and retreat from the battlefronts the evil powers ruling this planet have thrust us...

Like the War on Weeds, which was based on the need by Chem Cartel to convince people to use terrible chemicals to kill weeds, but which also killed a whole lot of veggies. So those veggies, and plants that have not been exploited, had to be turned into 'weeds' and this was brainwashed into people very deeply and they went right out and started spraying everything in sight. By the 1960's the world had been poisoned, and the horror of Vietnam was a highpoint. Rachel Carlson and others managed to wake many up and yet the phenomenom of Cartel MC persists, even as the Honey Bees are vanishing just as she predicted. Wake the F'k Up People ! We already have 250 chemicals in us now, and those are the only ones they test for, and don't let me go off on Chicom Chemical Warfare !


With Cartels financing all sorts of University "Turf Management" Departments, aka,
"Learn How To Become A Gardener For The Rich And Famous" the level of intensity
of this brainwash is truely extraordinary. I suppose once they fail at farming, they then
become Home Depot Herbicide Salespersons...A real growth industry, as home comsumers
use ten times what farmers would ever use under the worst conditions.

Geez, sorry for that runover sentences ;-) I try to connect too many things at once...

Ok, take a deep breath, its all going to be alright, as these folks in Vermont have found out, Dandelion Festival ! ;-)

I have seen some real progress, people turning vegetarian with all the horrors of corporate meat. I have seen others turn even further to vegan, and all the horrors of corporate proteins...
Next, I think I will reveil the secret initiation ceremony to become a full blown Herbivore !!!

So if you wish to break free of the Corporate Mind Control I have a simple plan...

Stay tuned

Dandelion Link De Jour

Welcome Back,

Just a couple of good Dandelion links to share today.

If you have not visited this fun inspirational rebel page from Copenhagen,
check out what these kids are up to.

They have a secret plan, A plan to Overgrow Copenhagen,
well at least the unsued protions like lots and trails
and little spaces scattered all over, which they pin point with Aerial Photos,
probably from Google Earth ? Anyway, check out


Note also, the cool shack, a fundamental of urban rebellion everywhere,
slums have overgrown all cities worldwide. Also note, how they carefully
transplant the dandelions, where seeding would be difficult to get away with.
Horticulturing them also provides ready reliable seeds for wider sowing.

Ok, back over to Canada, where eastern provinces have learned to at least
live with the dandelions if not embrace them...


Eastern farmers know that the Land Of Milk And Honey is paved with Dandelions
and Clovers, and they have resisited spending huge sums to spray and replant with
other crops that take a lot of imputs, such as soybeans or canola etc. Life is just too
easy with Dandelions...

Now if we could only get the Central Provinces to chill out...more on these areas later...

Update: Dandelion Communitea Cafe is planning a new Herbal Garden with a little help from thier friends Florida Herbal School, a fine classical program.

Got Dandelions?
Please let us know what your situation is
and maybe we can help,
one way or another.


ps this just in...Think people won't have to eat Dandelions?...Biofuel Genocide
And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the cold hearted ruling class, don't get me started...

Saturday, May 19, 2007


WELCOME ! Dandelion Planet is a blog about the growing pandemic of Dandelions which threatens the entire Corporate-Industrial-Military-Politcal-Media New World Order !

So whether you are part of the NWO, a MCV, (Mind Control Victum), or one of the many Dandelion Liberation Front Rebels, who are out there like the Johnny Apple Seeds of the New Millenium, this is the blog for you. I will try to post lots of relevant links asap.

First of all lets lay out some basic facts, then see how the situation has developed and where this all may be heading. A new page of the basics and more.

Dandelions are the Richest Source of Vitamins and Minerals, an almost indestructable herb with a sun loving flower, a magnificently sophisticated parachute puffball seed dispersal system and a deep taproot that mines more minerals than Rio Tinto Ltd.

This life giving herb is of course on the top of the NWO hit list, (along with Cannabis of course) and billions are spent every year in trying to eradicate not only the plant, but also the memory of its symbiotic relationship with mankind. Yes a real Symbiosis that the NWO is desperately trying to break, breaking our relationship with Nature and God and enslaving us for their greedy inhuman plans.

The herb has established vast territory already, including China, India, Eurasia and North America, and beachheads in most other regions. In these areas, wildlife has become totally in LOVE with it, and almost as domesticated as the rest of the livestock. Rarely seen Gov't. reports have documented this in great detail, but publically, most Gov'ts. support research for the Anti-Dandelion Cartels, never telling you about any of the reasons for endangered Butterflies, Bees, Squirrels, Tortoise, Birds, and all the rest including even Grizzly Bears and Reindeer !


With Global Warming, (some say, Interglacial/Solar Warming ;-) the Dandelions have been spreading North well beyond recent memories. They may have been among the first flowers after the Ice Age started to retreat, and now they grow to the Arctic Circle.

Mankind has always brought them along to colonize new territiory, since they were brought from China over 5000 years ago, along with probably Cannabis. Seems a similar migration is taking place in Canada, with Cannabis and Dandelions spreading everywhere, although not directly by the same folks per se.

Children are naturally attracted to the tiny flowers and puffballs especially, and it has become a "Full Blown" ;-) symbiosis now. Somehow this wonderful part of childhood is lost in puberty and by adulthood, becomes the antithesis, Full Blown Warfare. It is my belief that this has no basis in reality and is a recent NWO Mind Control Program of disinformation, advertizing, and at this critical juncture of history, full blown genocide and what we hope to overcome and to


With up to 50, 000 children starving and dying of curable diseases every day, with over 140,000,000 going blind from Vitamin A deficiency unneccessarily, use of the word Genocide or Holocaust seems sadly insufficient. Dandelions can turn this situation around in short order and new Rebel Forces have arrived online and on the ground to change this Sleepy TV-Drug Hypnotized Status Quo.

There are NOT "Too Many People", this is Mind Control. (Although in any crowded corporate city "Chattel Feed Lot" area it seems true) There are too many bad guys running this planet into ruins and ethnically cleansing it into thier own private World Biosphere Zone.
There are billions of hectares of land for more of everything, but the NWO simply doesn't need anymore things, resources, or people to slave for them. The Masses have become unmanageable and restless and in danger of waking the F'k up to this ancient Pharoahic Scam.

Simple things like Cannabis have awoken 165,000,000 million (According to the UN Drug Czar, Big Tony Costa, it's a "Cannabis Pandemic"), to the potential of a greener world, free of the NWO Mind Control. Other Green Forces have awoken a billion to organic gardening and farming, and the potential for green pastures, while other New Age Forces, and I will include other Civil Rights and Liberation Movements in this, totaling a billion more. My guesstimate total is just under half the world are ready to become fully Free and Enlightened. We are winning !

So there is the basic battlefront my friends, and now people are seeing a path forward to victory. With the Cannabis Forces chanting "Overgrow the Gov't." potentially uniting with other Green Forces to become a Full Blown movement to "Overgrow The Genocide" you can get a sense of the magnitude of this battle, a better focus on how the lines are drawn, what is the real news and the real hope for mankind.

So go Pick a Dandelion Puffball and Make a Deep Wish and Blow as Hard As You Can !!!

Sempr Fi