Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dandelion Nutritional Analysis

I found this great little web page that gives instant analysis for most foods, you know, that little chart found on food packages. So I typed in "Dandelions, 100 grams" and voila there it was !

Take a look, its very impressive, balanced, low sodium, etc. but then whoa !
Look at those Vitamins and Minerals ! I don't remember seeing numbers like that anywhere!

Ok, lets compare with soybeans, boiled no salt, 100 grams

First thing is the high fat (soy oil), high soy protein, but no vitamin A, low C, some minerals.
But this is misleading as Soy also has a number of nutritional risks.

So much for Soy saving the world, saving the sick and dying people, wildlife, livestock and ravaged planet. Similar but even poorer results for corn:

So even though corn crops look productive, one would have to eat an enormous amount to fulfill minimum requirements. This needs to be caculated to find out what real nutritional values are achieved by growing corn versus dandelions. So next we will have to dig up some yield info.


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