Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dandelion Pet Foods

Well, with all the panic over the poisoned pet foods from Chinese Binary Chemical Warfare Weapons, melamine and cyanuric acid, (One of the most brilliant deadly formulations ever)
and along with the deteriorating health of pets and other animals on store bought feed due to antinutritional factors from grains, legumes and other toxic ingredients...

New advanced formulas that look more like a Health Food Store Shopping Spee are blazing a wide and fast new trail across the old style Purina Cartel landscape.

If only poor humans could get such nutritional formulas that they could afford...
most people rarely get any of these ingredients, and are suffering the consequences.

What we are waiting for are more concentrated herbal formulas to supplement regular feeds and diets, so there are more options and cost savings. We know that wildlife thrives and favors Dandelions above all and so a feed with this as main ingredient, along with additional foods would be probably enough to domesticate bears !


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