Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dandelion Seeds For Sale

After searching all spring for a bulk deal on Dandelion Seeds, a friend forwarded this info from Canada. (We knew that there must be some good Herbal/Dandelion Folks there somewhere,
although its been a challenge to get in touch with them.)
So here ya go, go for it!


At $960US/Kg its not a giveaway, but its actually a huge number of seeds, over a million!, enough to plant a large farm, and lets not forget just how prolific a large farm could be in just a few weeks, with each plant able to produce tens of thousands of seeds ! ;-)

http://www.richters.com/newdisplay.cgi?page=Growers/growerzone.html&cart_id=8901776.17725 Pro Grower Info

It is quite possible to feed the world, especially the children, poor, ill and elderly if we only could get focused in this direction. I think that Canada could accomplish this in very short time frame, and everyone should write their Ag Ministers, Farmers and Humanitarian Groups to suggest some trial programs or other projects on a large scale.


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